The Past
Syntrax brand products have been known for true innovation and exceptional quality. From fruit juice flavoured proteins, to furostanolic saponins, to novel, powerful fat loss agents, to new and effective muscle volumisers, Syntrax brand sets the standard for original products.

The Present
SI03 is a company that strives for high ideals. Every product is designed to be maximally effective using the highest quality ingredients available. Our pricing strategy most importantly takes into consideration the consumer. Instead of charging the most we can for a product, out attitude is to find the lowest price possible while still allowing the company to be profitable. We take pride in this philosophy. We urge everyone to compare the servings, ingredients and value of Syntrax brand products to any other competitor in the industry.

The Future
Moving forward, our philosophy is to stay true to the core ideals of honesty, value, innovation and excellence. Whether it be a new fat-loss product, new flavours of protein or a new muscle builder, out goal will always be the same… to produce the best product at the best price.

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