Football is a game of endurance and skill. 
The Football athlete is constantly on the move during game play, and the athlete must coordinate his or her actions with those of his or her teammates. This necessitates constant bodily re-adjustment, made possible by abrupt starts, stops, jumps, dashes and pivots. All of these physical requirements can negatively impact the body and make the athlete susceptible to injury, illness and disease. 

To excel, the Football athlete must have a well-developed skills set, complete with enhanced hand-eye coordination, flexible and healthy joints, the ability to endure cardiovascular exercise for extended periods, the flexibility required for complicated and specialized soccer maneuvers, and the ability to generate explosive strength on-demand. Playing soccer well, and at the level required for success and victory, is not easy. 

You can achieve maximum performance only by employing appropriate physical conditioning measures in conjunction with sound nutrition and nutritional supplementation practices. While nutritional measures and physical conditioning are often emphasized as important parts of a comprehensive football training program, supplementation is frequently neglected. 

Sport-specific supplementation can be the difference between athletic success and failure, and for this reason supplementation should not be neglected. However, it can be difficult to determine what supplements qualify as sport-specific in the face of the wide selection available to athletes. Are the supplements used by baseball, hockey or basketball athletes appropriate for the football athlete? 

Each supplement listed here complies fully with the rules of football. This means that you can focus totally on athletic excellence and being your best! 

Multi Vitamin & Minerals
Football is an endurance sport. Football athletes use vitamins and minerals at an accelerated rate because they are constantly on the move. This can result in a vitamin and mineral shortage. 
During a game, you must have the energy and mental focus you need to dominate your competition. When the game is over, you need to have the vitamins and minerals needed to speed recovery. Any vitamin or mineral deficiency will result in poor game play, stunted recovery, or worse. 
Time-released multivitamin and mineral preparations are best for you as a football player, and the product you use should contain generous amounts of water-soluble vitamins. Choline, ferulic acid, inosine, inositol, l-carnitine and zinc are also important as these vitamins and minerals will help your body regulate blood sugar and energy levels during game-play. 
When you choose a multivitamin and mineral nutritional supplement, make sure that it meets these requirements

Our Pick: Universal Animal Pack, Optimum Nutrition Opti-men

Glutamine supports your immune system. By doing this, glutamine greatly enhances post-game recovery. Glutamine can also help build new muscle, leading to an increase in strength levels and muscular function. 
Glutamine also slows the ageing process, and this is important because physical stress can cause the body to age at an increased rate. By staying younger for longer periods of time, you can extend the life of your playing career. 

Our Pick: Reflex Glutamine, AST Glutamine & PhD Pharmaceutical Glutamine

Mental Focus Matrix
These are great for the soccer player looking for an energy boost. They are fast acting stimulant products hat have been proven safe when used in moderate amounts. Because of its energy boosting abilities, caffeine can enhance focus and memory. 
They increase agility and the efficiency of movement by enhancing focus and providing energy to working muscles. By enhancing your focus and increasing the efficiency of your movements, caffeine will improve your performance. Lagging behind the other teams offense is dangerous, and doing so in your own zone can lead to devastating goals being scored by the other side. 
Being tired at the end of a long game is the worst reason for giving up the game-winning goal to the other team. Mental Focus Matric Drinks will help you to stay focused and on top of the game, thereby increasing your chances for victory.

Our Pick:MusclePharm Assualt, BSN No Explode & Platinum Pre

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Proteins are the building blocks of muscle. A long game of constant running can result in precious muscle tissue being burned for energy. Branch chained amino acids protect muscle tissue from being burned in this way. 
Branched chain amino acids are used to provide energy to hard working muscles and enhance endurance. By supporting the immune system, BCAA’s help you recover after a long game. For these reasons, you should use BCAA’s pre and post game. 

Our Pick: By Far: MusclePharm BCAA’s

Whey Protein
Whey protein is the athletes ideal protein source because it is absorbed quickly by the body and can be used to supply energy pre, during or post game. Whey protein prevents the buildup of muscle-destroying hormones, and it can build new muscle tissue. Increased muscle mass will increase your muscular function and athletic performance. 
Like creatine monohydrate, whey protein can improve your mental function. It can also cause you to lose body fat, and this will make you more agile and lean. Whey protein will provide energy to tired and damaged muscles, and will help to speed your recovery after a hard game. 

Our Pick: Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey, MusclePharm Combat & BSN Syntha 6

All in One Product
How often does choosing the correct supplements leave you utterly confused, frustrated and with empty pockets? We’ve all made incorrect supplement choices, selecting products that essentially we don’t need, won’t help us achieve our goal and are simply far too over-priced. We’ve all fallen for the over-expensive products, promising huge gains within miraculous time constraints. 

Our Pick: Platinum Hydro Builder

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