Running competitively is a one of the hardest sports known on earth.
To achieve road dominance, runners must be focused, motivated, agile, and must utilize appropriate athletic conditioning strategies in conjunction with sound dietary supplementation measures and nutritional practices. 

But what nutritional supplements are appropriate for the runners? 
This guide will help you answer this important question and will list supplements that are appropriate for your sport. Best of all, all supplements in this guide comply with existing cycling regulations. This means that, instead of worrying about rules and regulations, you can focus on being your best and dominating your competition! 

The Essentials….

PhD Battery
This product is perfect for endurance athlete. It encompasses short, medium and long chain carbohydrates essential for the enduring bike ride ahead. It also includes a balanced spectrum of electrolytes that will aid hydration, again which is essential for optimum performance on the day. A small amount of BCAA’s have also been added to aid energy and recovery post race or training session. It comes in power form for ease and can be made in to a fruity water based drink aiding hydration.

Reflex AOC
A good multi Vitamin/Mineral/Antioxidant is essential for any serious cyclist. You may be aware that toxins and oxidants build up fast whilst pushing the body to the max. Using this product will keep the evil oxidants at bay, keeping you healthy for optimum performance.

PhD Pharma Whey
Whey protein isolate is the best protein supplement to supply energy to the cyclist. It is quickly absorbed by the body and is the highest known quality protein source. Whey protein prevents the buildup of muscle-destroying hormones, and can build new muscle tissue for the athlete. New muscle tissue will enhance performance. Like creatine monohydrate, whey protein can improve an athletes mental function and it has also been shown to promote fat loss. Building new muscle, eliminating unwanted body fat and improving mental function will make you lean, agile and focused. 
Whey protein isolates are digested more easily than whey protein concentrates. For this reason, whey protein isolates pre, during and post race or training session are an ideal choice to provide your body with the materials necessary to promote energy levels, muscle growth and recovery.

PhD Sidacordifolia
Sida gives the body energy enhances focus and improves athletic performance. Sida can also improve memory function and the ability to process information. Sida supplementation will help you increase focus resulting from its use will help you to efficiently process real-time cycling information. Sida helps to improve body composition by reducing body fat. The removal of functionally useless body fat will make you more aerodynamic, and lean and agile. Some athletic federations test for excessive Sida use, so you should monitor your own use carefully

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