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BSN Volumaize - 570g

Hypertrophic Activating Myocellular Expander!

BSN has once again did it with VOLUMAIZE a new product formulated to be taken N-training (during training) to boost muscle cell expansion, glycogen super compensation, protein synthesis, strength, endurance, recovery and performance. 

VOLUMAIZE`s Designer Glycogen Super Compensation Interfusion and Insulino- Mimetic Matrix are jointly intended to pry open muscle fibers and "spring-load" them with glucose and water, the building blocks of muscle glycogen. VOLUMAIZE thereby supports glycogen synthesis N-Training (during training) as well as after training. The "spring-loading" with glucose and water provides a cushioning and lubricating effect ("massive bundles of elastic energy...reps feel smooth as silk"). 

There are over twenty ingredients in VOLUMAIZE that act as a collective unit to prevent the escape of volume that normally occurs 24-48 hours post-training. This is why the "pop doesn`t fade." These sustained volume gains, or "volumetric expansion", are the result of:

1. Increases in muscle blood flow

2. The swelling of individual muscle fibers with water

3. Muscle glycogen super-compensation

During volumetric expansion, various cellular signaling pathways controlling muscle protein accretion and hypertrophy can be activated. This is the secret to long-term mass and strength gains - the Holy Grail of bodybuilding. The VOLUMAIZE Myohypertrophic Activating Blend consisting of N-butyrated and nitrated BCAAs plays a critical role in supporting this phase.

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